Jänecke+Schneemann is a family-run business in the 6th generation. All 4 children of Friedhelm Jänecke (managing director 1977-2016) are currently active in the company, working in different positions. This is perceptible in the corporate culture. It is the people who count not their functions or positions. The management family wants to convince these people - being them our employees, customers or suppliers – of continuous improvement. When something is good, one could always make it even better. This is our maxim.


The corporate culture of Jänecke+Schneemann is supported by the following guidelines:


  1. Sustainability: I am still here tomorrow!

  2. Joy: I am appreciated!

  3. Clarity: I know!

  4. Togetherness: I am J+S!

  5. Effort: I excel the expectations!

  6. Responsibility: I do the right thing!