Three essential aspects make a good, successful printing company: competent printers, modern machines and performance printing inks from Jänecke + Schneemann. As one of the first German manufacturers of printing inks, we have served the graphical industry with first-class inks since 1843. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we know exactly what our customers need and develop tailored solutions for them.
Not just inks, but liquid technologies!

We are a family-owned and operated company in its sixth generation Several members of the proprietor family Jänecke work at the company The basis for our business philosophy is thinking and acting in terms of sustainability and being there for our customers.

That's why we don't just offer the right series of high-quaiity inks tor every print job, but also a wide range of valuable services. Whether food packaging, finishing, questions about technical compatibility, special surfaces etc.: we are always there for our customers and help them with application technology, regulations and warranties, optimising iheir production processes, quality analyses and· much more.


Top-trained, cornmitted ernployees put their extensive know-how to work on a daily basis to ensure that our custorners are and stay successful. In nearly 100 countries, we are known for our first-class consulting and outsta11ding printing inks They can be processed quickly and econornicaliy, are safe to use, in line with trends and reflect the latest ecological requirements. In short: the innovative inks from Jänecke + Schneemann have set new standards time and time again. Experience our quality for yourself. Choose inks that will keep you corning back for more.


Not just inks, but liquid technologies!