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Production of structured matt-glossy effects in conjunction with special UV varnish.



• radically curing UV-varnish

• very good matt gloss effect



Uncoated , matt- and glossy-coated papers, carton board, fi lms with good surface tension (pre test is necessary).



With the UV-effect varnish in combination with a silicon free UV-varnish (for ex. 391121 UV-Flexo high-gloss varnish for paper or 390119 UV high-gloss varnish for paper and fi lm) one can effectuate an evenly structured printout. First the UV-effect varnish is printed from the ink unit and uv-cured in an inter deck dryer. Afterwards UV-varnish is applied in the following varnishing unit and cured. Through the repellence effect of the UV-effect varnish in combination with the UV-varnish one can effectuate an evenly structured surface. The amount applied of the overprint varnish and the machine speed influenced the effect. That is, the smaller the order, the smaller the droplets and thus achieve a matt result. The repulsive effect can be reduced by a weaker curing of the effect varnish.



Glued joints should be omitted. Only use amino resistant inks. These inks are not recommended for printing food packaging. Upon request, low migration coatings are available.



Product should be stored cool and dry in a dark place. Shelf life in unopened tins is 6 months.


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