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Gold-, silver- and copper inks produce a high metallic effect after one printing pass. Trouble-free ink transference is assured at normal ink consumption. Fast drying in the stack is achieved. Application of anti-set-off spray depends upon absorbency of the printing substrate.


Ready to print and 2-pack metallic inks

J+S metallic inks are available in two different versions. 1-pack inks are ready to print and ca be used from the ink tin without any pre-treatment. 2-pack inks are supplied separately as gold-, silver-, or copper paste and varnish and have to mixed from these two components in order to get the ready to print metallic ink. The advantage of 1-pack inks is easier handling as it can be used directly out of the tin, its disadavantage is that in case of small ink cosumption the open tin can´t be stored unlimited. The advantage of 2-pack inks is to mix from paste and varnish exactly the metallic ink quantity needed for a special order, as both single components are a bit longer storable than ready to print metallic inks. There is no difference in printing results between 1- and 2-pack inks.


2-pack gold

2-pack gold is supplied separately as paste and varnish in 1kg tins. Mixing ratio is 1:1. For 2-pack gold can be toned with varnish 84130 for a better coverage. Gold paste with untoned varnish 84140 is achieved a better metallic effect, but with lower coverage. This is applied for small areas, writings and lines.


2-pack silver

2-pack silver inks is supplied in 350g tins for paste and 650g tins for varnish. The mixing ratio are 350g paste to 650g varnish.



Normaly J+S metallic inks are used without any additive. But in special cases, adjustments may be necessary. To increase the rub resistance, particulary when printing on very absorbent or matt coated papers, we recommend to add 10-15% gloss coating 78025 or 5% wax drier paste 79307. To increase through-drying, 3% GrafoDry 79806 can be added. The use of cobalt-and combination dryers is not recommended since this can cause ink changes in the metal ink (greenish effect).


Printing substrates

Coated papers and boards with smooth surfaces generate the best metallic lustre. Very absorbant papers reduce the metallic effect. Strong setting of the binders degrades the rub resistance. For a good metallic effect on critical surfaces its possible that preprint a transparent white.


Fountain water

Fountain water should be neutral as possible (pH-value approx 6). The alcohol content should be low to prevent emulsifi cation. Acidic fountain solutions and plate cleaners cause oxidation and loss of gloss of the metallic pigments. Therefore is very important, even during the production run to control the pH.


Ink consumption

The ink consumption of gold inks are 3,5g/m² at one and approx 5g/m² at two printing passes on coated paper. Silver inks have a ink consumption of 2-2.5g/m² at one pass.



J+S metallic inks are suitable for varnishes from the coating and printing unit. For hot-calendering and laminating we recommend to check the adhesion before using.



Product should be stored cool and dry in a dark place. Shelf life in unopened tins is 6 months.


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