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96350 for labels

96351 for cardboard



J + S special varnish is an additive for conventional offset printing in order to raise the tack of the printing ink. The J+S special varnish 96350 is appropriate for substrates with thin surface, where the absorption is bad. The special varnish 96351 is the excellent choice for cardboard.



J + S special varnish stabilises the ink-water balance. Especially when takeup of ink is low, running blank of the rollers can be avoided by adding J+S special varnish. The application of this varnish has shown positive results in the cold stamping adhesion.


Processing notes

In order to raise the tack of the ink, 5-10% of the J+S special varish should be added to the ink. Please note that the shade will be brightened up. When the J+S special varnish is used for cold stamping adhesion it is printed like an offset printing ink from the ink unit. In the next working step the film layer of the cold stamping foil is separated from the carrier film and is adhering at the printed spots. The appropriate choice of cold stamping foils should be made in accordance with the supplier of the foils. The applied quantity of varnish and the stamping speed depend on the substrate. Printability tests are recommended - especially when the substrate is unknown.


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