INK GROUP 22 / 5

Technical Info - PDF


Printing substrates

PA - Cellulosehydrate - Collagen casings Aluminum foil varnished


Light fastness

5 - 7 (according to BWS) depending on shade


Application recommendation

The inks have to be mixed with 6 % hardener, article no. 357 174. If necessary it will be thinned with water to a viscosity of 20 - 30 sec., measured in a 4 mm DIN cup. The lids of the mixing pails should be kept closed. As the hardener hydrolizes and loses its effectiveness, it is necessary to add another 1 % of hardener to the ink after approx.6 - 8 hours. If the use of defoamer is necessary 0,1 - 0,2 % should be added by stirring.


Extender varnish

364 987



363 395



357 174


Quick drier

Ethylalcohol, isopropylalcohol



308 607



363 378



The amount of hardener has to be weighed and should not be measured in ml because the proportions will not fit. 1 ltr. of white weights approx. 2 kg! If 60 ml of hardener will be added this will result only in 3 % of hardener, not 6%! In addition it is recommended not to mix the total quantity of ink with the hardener but only when needed.


Quick drier

Addition in a thin jet by stirring.


Quality control

It is absolutely necessary to check the quality of the print and the adhesion during printing process. This has to be done permanently. For this purpose a print proof has to be stored for 30 min. at 60° C. Then it has to be cooked or rinsed with water. After the creasing test the resistance can be checked.



The potlife of the inks is at least 6 - 8 hours. High temperatures reduce the potlife.


Storage stability

The inks should be used within 6 months. Older inks should be checked.


Storage hints

The inks have to be stored cool, frost-free and dry. Always keep lids on cans in use.


Further processing

The prints should be stored for 4 - 5 days at room temperature before further processing.



The ink group 22/5 stands out due to its excellent elasticity and processability.


Due to the high-resistant pigments in the ink some shades can be achieved only approximately.



Before use it is advisable to make pre-tests. We recommend to send obligatory film samples to Jänecke + Schneemann.



10 kg and 25 kg plastic cans, barrel, container



Water-based products typically contain isothiazolinone biocides, including methyl isothiazolinone, as in-can preservatives. Such biocides may cause allergic skin reactions in already sensitised individuals.

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