Double award winning – The J+S Calender 2019

The J+S annual calendar 2019 "FARBE TIERISCH GUT" received the

  • EXELLENCE AWARD for excellent production and finishing.


The GREGOR CALENDER AWARD is one of the most important competitions in the printing and media industry.
Five expert juries evaluate the overall appearance of the submitted calendars according to thematic, design and production criteria.

For the calendars chosen, the juries award the titles "gold", "silver" and "bronze". For an outstanding calendar the "jury’s prize" can be awarded. In the categories of photo and self-publishing, ten titles are awarded respectively. In addition, awards of excellence are given for especially good performances.

At the same time, there is a japanese calender competition and exhibition in Tokyo and Osaka. The Japanese specialist jury also rates and presents calendars from Germany and thus documents for the Japanese public the global significance of calendar production, and especially calendar creation in Germany. An expert jury in Japan rates the submitted calendars in February, and awards the titles "gold","silver" and "bronze" to the calendars chosen. In addition, special awards are possible for particularly good individual performances.

The J+S annual calendar 2019 is characterized by the high presentation quality of the J+S printing inks and a multitude of high-quality finishes. The character of the extraordinary and fascinating animals is aptly emphasized by the various finishes. Also noteworthy is the creative achievement of setting the diversity of the animal world in relation to the colour variety and quality of J+S printing inks.

Jury comment:
Radiant print colors, soft-touch glosses and very different print refinements set each animal expressively in scene. Pigments, brilliance and impressions create the conditions for such colorfulness. A masterpiece of printing technique which fully deserves the special prize of Netzwerk P. Congratulations !

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